Join us on 25th - 28th August 2022


All Listed Activities Are Included In The General Admission Ticket

Survival Skills

Fire Lighting

Source your kindling then learn the most important survival skill of all. How to light a fire without matches!

Shelter Building

Gain the skills needed to build a shelter, by the end of the lesson it'll be better than your tent in the campsite.

Trap Setting

Learn how to set snares and traps using materials found around you to help you survive in the wilderness.

Wildlife Filming

James Glancy will be offering wildlife filming workshops using a combination of high-definition cameras and drones

Water Filtering

We've all seen Bear do this on the TV, now it's time for you to learn how to make dirty water safe to drink.

Adventure Sports


Want to find out who's the best shot in your family? You'll need to go down to the Archery Range to find out!

Battle Archery

Archery meets paintball in this unbeliavble game. You really can shoot each other with our modified bow and arrows.

Knife & Axe Throwing

You have only ever seen this on the TV, now you can try it for real. Take your important survival tools and learn how to use them for hunting.

Tree Climbing

Revert to your youth and climb the biggest trees on the estate. A harness, rope and helmet will keep you safe.


You do not need to travel to Nepal to find your Everest, our selection of climbing walls will suit all abilities.


Rhiane Fatinikun

Join Rhiane as she leads a hike around the stunning grounds of Powderham Castle

Outdoor Fitness

Get energised with Be Military Fit who will take you and your family though a variety of fun but challenging workouts.

Kids Mile

This 1-mile fun run is a great opportunity for your little one to let off some steam. High fives and medals for all!

Morning Runs

Start the day the right way with a guided morning run through the beautiful grounds. Walk, jog or run its up to you.


Open Water Swimming

Connect with the beauty of nature and join our instructors for a morning or evening swim in our stunning lake.

Raft Building

Against the clock you will have to build a raft to get your family across the lake, hopefully without getting wet!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

An amazing family activity that allows you to explore our stunning venue by paddling around the beautiful lake.