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Powderham Castle, Exeter, Devon

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible FAQs

Is there power available in accessible camping?

There will be access to power for medical devices in this area. There will also be limited spaces for live in vehicles with power hook ups. If you woudl liek a pwered hook up there woudl be an additional charge for this of £100 for the weekend. This would be discussed during your accessible application.

Is there a hoist in the shower unit?

There is a hoist in the shower unit however you may wish to bring your own sling.

Are there fridges to store medicine in?

Yes – we do have fridge space in accessible camping and also with the medical team in the arena. You can present yourself to the accessible team or the medical team and they will be able to log and store medication for you. You will not need to make an application to do this.

Can I request access to accessible camping in a live in vehicle / motorhome?

Yes – we have 16 live in vehicle pitches available with electrical hook up and these pitches are £100. Once your application for accessible camping has been confirmed you will be provided with a ticket link to enable you to purchase this. You will then need to provide us with the booking reference.

Are there baby changing facilities on site?

There are basic baby changing facilities in the festival arena, but not in the campsite.

What facilities are available in accessible camping?

This year we have got a high dependency shower & toilet unit inside accessible camping. This only caters for one at a time though so you may need to be patient at times. There will also be access to a fridge, showers and accessible toilets in this area.

If my child has severe allergies or other dietary/medical needs, are we able to bring food into the festival if we can provide proof?

Yes, you will need to apply for an exemption through our accessibility application form which can be found at the following link.

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Accessible Camping Policy

Customers wishing to make use of the accessible campsite may be accompanied by their immediate family. We are unable to offer any space for large groups or other tents that are in your group. Space is limited in the accessible campsite, so spots will be prioritised for customers with additional mobility needs and their immediate families. The campsite is located in an accessible position close to the main stage and arena, due to this we cannot guarantee it will be a quiet area at all times and noise from the stage will be heard.  If you require a quieter area to camp then we would recommend our general campsites.

What’s facilities do you have for those with visual impairments?

This is something we are still working towards, however for 2023 there will be access to a raised viewing area in front of the main stage and we will have large screens either side of the stage.

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Do blue badge holders get free parking?

No, you still have to pay for a parking pass. You will need to apply for access to the accessible car park through the following link.

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Activity FAQs

How long will the queues for activities be?

If you’re up early and get into the arena when it opens you’ll beat the crowds. During peak times expect to queue, but at the 2022 event these moved fairly quickly.

Can we bring our own equipment for activities? E.g. Kayaks?

Unfortunately not, but don’t worry. All equipment provided free of charge at the festival

How long will each activity last?

Different activities have different durations. Some are quite quick 15-20 minute experiences – others will last up to an hour.

Activity Age Restrictions

Advise on each activity based on what;s advised on the activities page on the website

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Can an activity age requirement be flexible?

We will publish recommended age restrictions however the gone wild team still reserve the right to refuse admission to an activity if they deem it unsafe due to size / height not being sufficient.

How do the activites work?

We found our turn up and enjoy system works very well so this will remain on the majority of activities for 2023. In the post event survey our guests felt this system was fair and allowed people to enjoy what they wanted in their own time.

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Are all activities included in the ticket price?

The majority of activities are included within the ticket price and will be based on a turn up and have a go principle, however there are a number of premium activites available which are at an extra cost which will be pre-booked and paid for which are on sale now.

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Camping FAQs

Do the waste disposal units at the campervan/caravan pitches include waste disposal for chemical toilets

Yes, the waste disposals at the campervan pitches are suitable for chemical toilet waste

Are trailer tents allowed?

Trailer tents can go in the campervan field and you will need to have purchased a campervan and caravan ticket. Please note everything must fit within the 9×6 dimensions.

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How do we get water in the campsite?

There will be free drinking water available in all campsites and the main festival arena.

Are there shower facilities?

Free hot showers are available.

Can we use a camp stove in the camping field?

Small camp stoves are permitted for use outside of your tent but must be raised off the ground i.e. on a small camping table!

Can we have a BBQ in the campsite?

Unfortunately not, sorry.

Can I pitch a tent in the campervan field?

Unfortunately not, no free standing tents are permitted in the campsite. Awnings are fine.

Can we have a campfire in the campsite?

Unfortunately not, campfires are not permitted in the campsite.

Can I have a gazebo or windbreak in the campsite?

Unfortunately no gazebos or windbreaks are allowed in any campsite.

Can we drive in and out of the campervan campsite?

No, once you’ve parked your campervan there is no re-entry.

General FAQs

Are you utilising the cashless system again this year?

No – We ar emoving to a contactless card system so you can use bank cards as you would in a shop.

Will there be a dedicated drop off / pick up point at the festival?

Yes, there will be at the farm shop car park

Will BG be at the festival?

Yes – Last year 100’s of kids got to meet Bear Grylls while walking around the festival. This year we will also be treated to a 45 minute main stage talk with a live Q&A session with the crowd.

What time will the music finish?

The main stage music will finish no later than 11, but other venues will continue until around 1am.

Is camping included in the ticket price?

Camping is included with weekend tickets. If you’d like to park next to your tent you can upgrade to the new 10×10 park and pitch upgrade.

Will there be any bike parking / safe storage for bikes?

There won’t be any specific bike parking but you’ll able to chain it up as the festival entrance

Are there any shuttles running from the festival to Exeter bus/train station?

No, but there are buses which run by the festival and a nearby train station. Find out more on our website >>>>>>>>

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When can I arrive?

All car parks, campsites and the ticket exchange will be open from 8am Thursday 24th August.

What time are [insert band/speaker] on stage?

All will be revelaved int he coming weeks, however most venues will open at 11 and close midnight. Throughout the day they’ll be a broad range of family entertainment for you to enjoy.

When do I have to leave?

We’d love you to stay forever, but unfortunately you’ll have to leave no later than 11am on Monday 28th August. Please leave only your footprints behind.

Parking FAQs

Once your car is parked, can you get in or out and leave as you wish?

Yes, you’re free to leave anytime you like and your weekend ticket gets you access at all times between the gate opening times. This does not count for motorhomes or our park and pitch options where once you park up you will need to leave your vehicle where it is.

Can car park tickets be bought on the gate?

No – These must be purchased online prior to arriving at the event.

If I bring my touring caravan/trailer tent (any campervan/caravan/trailer tent) – can I park next to it?

No – once you’ve parked your caravan up you’ll need to park your car in the general car park space and walk back which is a approx 5 minute walk

Can I bring a trailer into the car park?

Small camping trailers are allowed and can be left in the car park but they will require a car park pass which you can purchase from the ticket section of our website whilst buying your tickets or afterwards

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Can I park in the main car park and carry my kit to the campsite?

Yes. Cars need to be parked in the main car park and kit then carried to the campsite.

Is car parking included in the VIP upgrades?

No – car parking needs to be paid for separately. which you can purchase from the ticket section of our website whilst buying your tickets or afterwards. Please not though that car parking tickets must be purchased prior to arriving at the event.

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Are there any EV Charging points in the car park or at the festival?

No, there aren’t any EV charging stations

Will there be any bike parking / safe storage for bikes?

There won’t be any specific bike parking but you’ll able to chain it up as the festival entrance

Will I be able to park on site?

Yes, car parking is available but it requires a car park pass which you can purchase from the ticket section of our website whilst buying your tickets or afterwards

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Payment Plan FAQs

Can I still apply for a carer ticket with a payment plan?

Yes – you can still apply and it can be approved. You will not receive your carer ticket until your payment plan is complete before the festival though.

Can I cancel my payment plan?

If you decide you no longer wish to attend the event, you can cancel a payment plan in your account or inform us in writing 7 days prior to an upcoming payment date that you wish to cancel your order. We will then cease to take any remaining payments. Please note you will NOT be entitled to a refund of any previous payments.

What if my card expires?

If your card expires you’ll need to wait for an email stating your payment has been rejected. You should then follow the link on that email to update your card details and pay off the due amount, any remaining payments will be debited from your new card.

Can I change my tickets?

No, once an order has been placed, tickets cannot be changed. Take extra care to make sure you only order the tickets you actually want.

Can I pay early?

No, all payments must be made as per the payment plan schedule you agree to upon purchase.

Can I get a refund?

No, as stated when you place an order all tickets are sold on a strictly non-refundable basis.

What if I miss a payment?

If a payment gets rejected you will be sent an email to inform you. This email contains instructions to change the card on your payment plan should you need to, which will enable you to make the missed payment, and stay within the payment plan.

What is the minimum amount I can set up a payment plan for?

You will need to have an order total of £50 or greater to set up a payment plan.

Tickets FAQs

Where’s my ticket?

If you have purchased tickets you can download your e-ticket from your confirmation email. You will then exchange your e-ticket for your festival wristband when you arrive at the festival during the following times:
Thursday 0800hrs – 2100hrs
Friday 0800hrs – 2100hrs
Saturday 0700hrs – 1200hrs
Once you have your wristband you can come and go as you please outside of these times.

No access to a printer – can you show tickets on your phone?

Yes – we encourange you not to print tickets where posiible to reduce waste.

I cant find my tickets – how do I request a copy?

To replace festival tickets please contact – [email protected] For any premium activities, tipis & yurts purchased directly on the Gone Wild website please log into your account at the following link where you can view and download copies of your tickets.

Are tickets refundable?

No – we advise you to take out ticket protection at the time of booking. This will protect you and enable you to apply for a refund if you cannot make the festival due to a set criteria. Please view more at the following link –


Is car parking included in the VIP upgrades?

No – car parking needs to be paid for separately. which you can purchase from the ticket section of our website whilst buying your tickets or afterwards. Please not though that car parking tickets must be purchased prior to arriving at the event.

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Do you need to book VIP for kids?

Yes, VIP needs to be purchased on every ticket you want to upgrade including children.

Does a VIP ticket include a special camping area?

No – It gives you access to our VIP area. You will need to still camp in general camping or one of our camping / motorhome upgrades.

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