Join us on 24th - 27th August 2023
Powderham Castle, Exeter, Devon

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Bear Grylls Climbing on Dartmoor

Ages 14+

Re-create the epic journey of Bear Grylls and Nicola Adams on the iconic Haytor in Dartmoor National Park. Join our team of TV stunt experts as you climb, scramble and abseil from one the highest points in the South West. This is really is a rare opportunity to follow in the exact footsteps of Bear himself. You’ll love it! Price includes pick and drop off from the Festival.

What’s included:

  • Transport to and from Dartmoor collecting at Powderham Castle
  • Low party numbers to create a unique and tailored climbing experience
  • Drinks
  • Safety briefing
  • All climbing safety equipment

Colour Run

Bear isn’t all about mud, and that’s why we’re bringing a colour run to Gone Wild! On Sunday morning, join our team as you take your family around the stunning estate and get colour bombed!! They’ll be a super fun warm up and massive colour party once everyone is back. What’s not to love?!

What’s included:

  • Event t-shirt to wear on the run
  • Event sunglasses,
  • Holi festival rainbow colours
  • Participation medal
  • Donation towards RV One Charity

Sniper Shoot coaching (Airsoft)

Ages 12+

Join Commando Force Airsoft and a Royal Marines Commando marksman on our Sniper range.

You will spend 20 minutes getting expert marksmanship training, while firing one of our Airsoft Sniper rifles on a specially designed distance shooting range. All you need to do is select what day and time slot you require.

What’s included:

  • You will spend 20 minutes up close and personal with a highly trained Royal Marines marksman.
  • Spend time being taught best practice to shoot different targets at different ranges.
  • Safety briefing
  • All safety equipment
  • Airsoft Sniper Rifles and as much ammo as you need to take down your targets.

Commando Assault Range

Ages 12+

Join Commando Force Airsoft and test your skills on our Special Forces – Commando assault range.

Join 7 other operators, whether its friends, family or other festival goers and battle your way down our obstacle range to clear a bunker at the end. All you need to do is select what day and time slot you require.

What is included:

  • All assault equipment including Special Forces style M4 Colt Commando airsoft rifles, with enough ammo to blast your way to success.
  • The ticket is for a 45-minute time slot
  • A mandatory safety brief, instructions how the weapons work, including a test fire.
  • Our former military staff will give you a quick lesson on how to fire and manoeuvre down the range as a team to get best effect.
  • You will be kitted out with the correct safety kit, including your assault vest and helmet.
  • You will also be given the opportunity to apply camouflage cream to your face.
  • Battle your way down the range as many times as possible, utilising the different types of cover each time.

Wim Hof Workshops

Ages 18+

The Wim Hof Method will push your boundaries, taking you to a place you never imagined, restoring what modern life takes away.

Using a combination of breathwork, ice baths and commitment, the Wim Hof Method will take your awareness and nervous system to a place you have never experienced and leave you a better version of yourself.

Whether we realise it or not, the modern world and the way we live in it often takes more than it gives. Leaving us stressed, anxious and with a nervous system that is running on high alert.
The Wim Hof Method offers an opportunity to reset the balance. Clearing your mind, resetting your body, and balancing your nervous systems.

It helps return us to our natural state of being, leaving us happy, healthy, and strong.

What’s included:

  • Led by local qualified and registered Wim Hof instructor, Sara Dance
  • Learn the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method; Breathing technique, Cold Exposure and Commitment.
  • Find out how you can utilise oxygen and cold exposure to optimise body and mind.
  • Small groups of 30 to ensure quality, feedback and attention to detail.
  • Breathing session in an ice bath.
  • Half day personalised session of 4 hours.
  • Hot tub entry after the session to warm back up.
  • Go with an open mind and no expectations!

Island Feather SUP Instruction

Ages 12+

Introduction to paddleboard yoga, mindfulness & meditation – Island Feather paddleboard yoga & mindfulness are 60 minutes for up to 10 people. Our qualified instructors take you through a series of yoga poses on a 10-foot paddle board. Practicing yoga on a surface that is moving engages core muscles and strengthens other muscles which wouldn’t otherwise be used on the earth’s surface. SUP yoga also requires focus to transition between poses and to keep the board steady. Common asanas included in SUP yoga practice are downward-facing dog, the cat-cow combination, child’s pose and corpse pose. Whilst flowing through yoga poses, the sessions will take you though the present moment of your thoughts, feelings, the sounds around you & the sensations of breathing or parts of your body. Floating on a 10-foot paddleboard, in a natural environment, reap huge benefits to both your mind and body.

What’s included:

  • Meet & greet with Island Feather qualified instructor
  • Health & safety briefing
  • Introduction to stand up paddleboarding or SUP yoga & mindfulness
  • £10 voucher for Island Feather clothing

Island Feather Therapies

Ages 18+ (16+ with adult)

Our Massage Therapies are 50 minutes and one of our qualified therapists will offer you one of their expert treatments, bespoke to your requirements, offering you optimal muscle health, whilst relaxing your body and mind.


  • Meet & Greet with a qualified therapist.
  • Initial consultation to ensure treatment is bespoke to your requirements
  • 50 minute massage therapy treatment

Treatment Options:

  • Deep Tissue: Your massage therapist will find and treat areas that need releasing with your feedback and will target optimal muscle health through a medium to hard pressure. This can be applied as a full body treatment or just one area.
  • Relaxing Swedish: A relaxing massage usually soft or medium pressure designed to relax your body and mind. Your therapist will talk to you about the areas you’d like to be treated and make a bespoke plan for your session. Your therapist will use massage techniques and rhythmic movements to leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Minimum age 16 years. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Firewalk - SOLD OUT

Ages 9+

Test your mental strength with the ultimate mind over matter experience. Join our team of experts who will prepare you to conquer walking BAREFOOT across red hot coals.

What’s included:

  • Our Ex Marines will teach you the skills required to conquer your fears and begin your fire walk.
  • Learn from Ex Marines what it takes to cover any and all terrain.
  • What better photo is there to get, than being photographed walking over hot fire coals?!
  • 45 minute training and safety briefing.
  • Donation to the Royal Marines Charity.


Not quite ready to walk over fire hot coals? How about taking on another extreme mental strength and mind over matter challenge of walking over Lego? Any parent will tell you just how tough this really is! Join our team of experts who will prepare you to conquer walking BAREFOOT across red hot coals.

What’s included:

  • Our Ex Marines will teach you the skills required to conquer your fears and begin your Lego walk.
  • Learn from Ex Marines what it takes to cover any and all terrain.
  • Be ready to giggle and take photo’s of you walking over Lego!
  • 10 minute training and safety briefing.
  • Open age to all, as long as they can walk confidently.
  • Donation to the Royal Marines Charity.


Ages 10+

Take your adventure off-site and explore the amazing South Devon coastline as you’ve never seen it before with the “Gone Wild” Coasteering Adventure.

This dynamic engaging adventure sees individuals traverse at sea level along South Devon’s picturesque rocky coastline. Venturing on foot and in the water, you will climb, traverse and scramble over the rugged coastline. Jumping and swimming in the sea and saltwater plunge pools is also required to complete the adventure.

This is a fantastic activity requiring teamwork and group cohesion to overcome a range of varied obstacles and challenges.

You end up doing all of the things that you were told not to do as a child whilst at the beach!

What’s included:

  • Return transport from The “Gone Wild” Festival to the activity venue at Anstey’s Cove in Torbay (approx 40 mins).
  • Specialist activity equipment, including wetsuits, helmets and life vests.
  • Full safety briefing.
  • Leadership from Qualified & Experienced Coasteering Guides.
  • 4 hour excursions.

Anatome Sports Massage

I will be offering both sports and relaxing full body massages, there will be two of us offering massage.

I am a qualified physio and sports massage therapist, my other staff member is a qualified sports therapist, both working locally to Exeter/Exmouth.

Guests can book anywhere between 60min (£60), 45min (£45) and 30 min (£30) slots officially via the website, and any shorter ones may be booked on the day for walk-ins. We urge people to pre-book as last year we were very busy. No-shows and last minute cancellations will be charged.

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